What is a Pulse Survey?

What is a Pulse Survey?

By James , vectors by Vecteezy

February 22, 20201 min read

One of the markers of an efficient, high performing team is employee satisfaction and engagement. Many companies conduct formal surveys on a 6 month or yearly basis, but a pulse survey is designed to be taken much more regularly. The content of a pulse survey is usually vastly simplified to facilitate the more regular intervals. This gives the company a means to quickly measure their operating climate and overall employee satisfaction.

Benefits of using a pulse survey

There are many reasons a company might want to begin using a regular pulse survey to measure employee engagement

Fast feedback

Receiving the survey results instantly can have many benefits when planning a short term strategy and the insight given by a weekly or bi-weekly pulse survey can give highly contextual information about the current mood of your employees.

Happier and more engaged workforce

Measuring employee engagement is now standard practise for the world's most successful companies. Studies have shown that by creating a regular feedback loop between employees and their managers, turnover can be decreased and productivity (and therefore profitability) can be positively impacted.

Uncover trends

Pulse surveys ask the same question on a regular basis, this makes it really easy to uncover trends in the results over a relatively short time. These trends can help a company stay ahead and create a strategy for keeping employees happy.

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