9 Values to Nurture in Your Team

9 Values to Nurture in Your Team

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May 22, 20204 min read

The bestselling and most effective employee engagement programs usually come from a group of seasoned professionals and creative thinkers who are equipped with matchless skills and knowledge. They must be guided by seasoning and polishing gained as a result of several years of cumulative experience spread across multiple fields of the corporate world – including human resource development and innovations, business management and consultations, and employee fitness. Guided by the knowledge they have gained through their experience – which spans over so many years spent working in multiple industries and varying workplace ecosystems – employee engagement experts develop a strong grip on the nexus of all the risks, limitations, constraints, requisites, and challenges of a business environment.

Though we gain more knowledge and expertise regarding different subjects as we grow older, many functions of our brain slowly decline. The senses of children work much better than adults in many ways. As we age, our ability to process information becomes limited as our brains become slower, and the feeling of tiredness increases. The cognitive abilities of our brain are its abilities to understand the information being given to it and process it. Through gamified solutions, we can bring those cognitive abilities back to life that have declined with age. The intuitive activities that employee engagement solutions put your employees through can work to enhance and improve their cognitive abilities, revitalizing and rejuvenating the functionality of their brain so that they can actively participate in all the jobs and responsibilities assigned to them. They use techniques that can automatically elicit psychological responses from individuals and work to help their cognitive abilities grow and improve.

Employee engagement programs and solutions usually involve the enhancement of the following values among and in the employees of the concerned organizations.

1. Icebreaking

Often, even while two people are working in the same environment, they can stay reserved and limited due to some insecurities, nervousness, introversion, and self-consciousness – all these things are parts of the basic human nature. One of the two people must take the initiative and break the ice for both of them to develop a healthy, flexible, cooperative, and adaptive work relation that lets them collaborate freely without any issue. Organizations can work to enhance the ability of employees to take the initiative towards each other and hence help break the ice between two people working together in a setup so that they can cooperate and collaborate to maximize each other’s efficiency and back each other up.

2. Communication

Active and comprehensive communication among team members is necessary for the building and polishing of a healthy and collaborative relationship between two employees of an organization – be it between fellow-workmen or senior-junior communication. Once an employee can communicate his ideas effectively to his team and gain their support, he can work wonders simply through brainstorming and implementation of new strategies.

3. Engagement

Employee engagement defines how active and immersed your employees are in their work and the activities associated with your organization. Therefore, it also decides how smooth your workflow is, how much productivity your organization has, and how much customer satisfaction rate you have. You can enhance the engagement of your employees through multiple techniques and activities.

4. Immersive Challenges

You can create challenges for the employees that help them immerse into the issues faced by their organization and its culture. Your workforce will have to fix that problem with an undivided, unwavering and unflinching focus on the solution which will improve their ability to handle all the challenges that they face and all the problems that they must tackle.

5. Planning and Execution

Teaching the employees to plan solutions to their problems and execute the same solutions is very important for an organization. You can let your employees indulge in activities that boost their mental health, make their minds robust and agile enough to carefully and proactively plan and strategize their activities, and then execute the plans efficiently and effectively.

6. Problem-solving and Innovative Ideas

Organizations can nourish and nurture the abilities of people to solve their problems and come up with intuitive and innovative solutions. With their help, the employees will be able to go to the nexus of each issue that they face, delve deeper into it to understand its complexities, and then formulate a workable and foolproof solution for it through innovation, creativity, and brainstorming. That will improve their abilities greatly.

7. Creativity and Imagination

Allowing people to grow and flex their creativity within the boundaries of their work environment is our core purpose. You can nurture, nourish, and enhance the ability of your human capital to think creatively and go beyond the limits of their workplace to device plans that are highly effective. Human creativity is one of the things that can work wonders if groomed and brought to the surface through employee engagement activities.

8. Tactical & Strategic

You can equip the people of an organization with the tactical and strategical approach to problem-solving. They will be able to focus on each step of the process and tactfully produce a dynamic plan for each activity while strategizing all their steps in a highly focused and efficient manner. All their actions will be strategically planned and well-thought-out before they analyze them and put them into practice – setting in motion a series of steps that lead to success for your organization.

9. Analytic and Logical

Companies can enhance and polish the abilities of workers to analyze all the problems in their work environment and think logically, devising formulas and strategies that are practicable at all fronts and highly beneficial for their organization. They can encourage the development of an analytic approach to everything that allows them to analyze and carefully gauge each of their steps before they take it. It is also important to enhance their logic by giving them a chance to manipulate situations in their head, correlate different parts of the situations, and use logic and reasoning to produce accurate answers.

Each business is unique in its infrastructure, employee base, management, working, and even the challenges that it must overcome. Therefore, companies must launch and leverage effective and fully functional employee engagement programs. The best programs are uniquely tailored to suit the demands and challenges of a particular business – smoothing out the workflow of a business, enhancing its productivity, and adding to overall employee dedication and motivation.

One of the most important and effective factors that organizations can add to their employee engagement solutions is that they can gamify the solutions – making those solutions much more exciting, engaging, meaningful, and intuitive.

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