The Impact Of Diversity In The Workplace

The Impact Of Diversity In The Workplace

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March 19, 20202 min read

Most organisations today have recognised the importance of having a diverse workforce and are doing as much as they can to establish it. The first step is often employing a wide range of diverse individuals who have different characteristics. These differences may include age, gender, religious groups, languages, cultural background, race, sexual orientation, education backgrounds. Some of the benefits of a diverse workforce include

Widening the pool of ideas

Different characteristics mean different personalities, skills, knowledge, experience and ideas. Therefore, employing diversity ensures that the organizations get brilliant ideas, knowledge, skills and even experience from individuals who have the capability and capacity to do so. Such avenues enable the organization to make good decisions, good planning, and strategies that can help them achieve both their short term and long term objectives.

Minimizing employee turnover

Employing a wide range of diverse employees shows how much an organization cares about the affairs of their employees. Thus, such organizations tend to be much inclusive and have a very good employer branding. As such, employees feel valued and appreciated. When employees feel valued, they tend to be happy in the workplace and stay longer in the company. such employees tend to spread their feelings and spread positive information regarding the company, which makes most of the employees wanting to work and stay in the company.

Enhancing the company’s reputation

Diversity deals much with inclusivity, which promotes the company’s brand and reputation. In this case, if a company is dedicated to promoting diversity in the workplace, people tend to see the company as good, socially responsible, and more human. Besides, workplace diversity makes the company more interesting to work in and less frustrating. In addition, it helps a company to meet new business partners, new markets, and also new customers. Thus, it improves the general set up of the company towards the market, customers, and potential partners.

Improving the hiring process

As mentioned earlier, workplace diversity boosts employer branding and depicts a company as a desirable place to work in. In most cases, companies that have positive employer branding tend to attract top talent from different talent pools. For example, Google, Apple, Walmart, and other huge companies have good employer branding and most employees would wish to work there. According to Glassdoor, most job seekers said that diversity in the workplace is significant when considering job offers.

Increased innovation

Working with people of different age, background, experiences, and knowledge can conceive new ideas that can be just the beginning of a new innovative idea. While one individual might be brilliant in coming up with good ideas, another individual might be great in implementing such ideas. Such approaches might be facilitated using past experiences and good strategies. Besides, people of young age tend to be creative and aggressive when it comes to new ideas, which can be a building block for innovation. For example, Zuckerberg invented Facebook with other young partners, which resulted in one of the most successful companies in the social media industry.

Workplace diversity expands business beyond their local operation

In most cases, language barrier tends to be an obstacle for companies that want to expand their operations to other foreign countries. However, through workplace diversity companies can now venture into new markets and operate at the global basis and interact with a huge client base. In this case, including a diverse workforce in the organization can make the company more relatable and globally relevant.

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