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Gather feedback from your employees to measure how likely they are to promote your organisation


Measuring Net Promoter Score Through Surveys

The Net Promoter Score of your employees is a measure of how likely your team are to advocate for your organisation outside of their daily working lives. You can measure you employees level of "Advocacy" by asking questions centered around how they feel about working and representing your organisation.


Completely Configurable

With Acorde feedback surveys you can select the questions you want to ask your employees, measuring not just Advocacy but a range of other factors giving you the data you need to improve your company culture and retain your best employees.

1. Choose your metrics

1. Choose your metrics

Select from 10 categories of question to measure the things that are most important to your organisation.

2. Fine tune your questions

2. Fine tune your questions

Each metric has a set of carefully selected questions that you can toggle in and out of your survey.

3. Set up your frequency

3. Set up your frequency

Every team is different, so set how often your survey is sent out and how long your employees are given to answer.

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