4 Steps To Collecting Employee Feedback

Acorde feeback surveys are as easy as 1, 2, 3...(4)

Add Your People

Add your employees as recipients of the survey using their work email address. They will be sent an email every time your survey begins with a link they can use to submit their answers,

Choose Your Questions

We have over 40 questions spread across 10 metrics, from general happiness and wellbeing to productivity metrics and alignment with your company values.

Gather Feedback

When your survey goes lives on the day of your choice your employees will begin submitting their answers. Just sit back and wait for the survey period to end.

Analyse Results

Once your survey has ended log into the Acorde platform to see a breakdown of your results, how many people answered, and trends for your metrics over time.


Watch For Trends

Sending out short, easy to complete "pulse" surveys has the unique advantage of giving you near realtime information about the sentiment of your team. If a trend emerges for one of the metrics you are measuring you will be able to spot it and take action immediately


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